Thursday, July 3, 2008

Feminine Foot Tattoos

One of the most popular tattoos today for women are foot tattoos. These can range from extremely simple to rather detailed depending on your preference. They can only be on the top of your foot or wind up your ankle and leg in a continuing pattern. The ideas are only limited on your imagination and preferences.

Foot tattoos do take some commitment though as they require more upkeep than tattoos on other portions of your body due to wear and tear on the tattoo from your shoes. By taking precautions such as keeping the area softened with lotion or creams to prevent the tattoo from drying out and flaking away and using sunscreen when barefoot, you can have a long lasting foot tattoo.

This is an area that may be more painful to get tattooed on but the end results can be fantastic as these pictures show. Just be aware that there is little muscle under the skin in this area to cushion needle on bones. You will also have to forgo shoes as much as possible as your new tattoo heals so be prepared accordingly.

Foot tattoos are very popular with women as they can be a very feminine addition.


eunice said...

Very cute little tatoos! :D

Pls vote again :D

Pembrokeshire Directory said...

Hi there are any of the tattoos your own work ? as they are great :)

Feminine Tattoos said...

fairy, butterfly, flower tattoos are synonym with female and they all look so cute