Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chest or Breast Tattoos

Chest or breast tattoos make a very bold statement depending on the placement, style and size of the tattoo. The following photos show how dramatic or sublte you can go with this style of tattoo.

The thing you need to keep in mind before getting a tattoo in this area is whether or not you need/want to be able to cover it up easily, how obvious you want the tattoo to be and remember, gravity will eventually win, your breasts will sag unless you plan on doing cosmetic surgery at some point. So keeping that in mind, do you want to tattoo your chest area or your actual breast?

The chest plate tattoos are a larger area and depending on the style or design may be difficult to cover with regular clothing (open shirts, tank tops) for work purposes.

Under the breast or smaller tattoos on the breast away from the chest plate, can be covered up with clothing easier. Tattoos on bigger breasts are going to show in most clothing so be aware of this when making your choices.

I generally don't show pics with this much skin, but in doing a post about chest and breast tattoos I would be remiss in not showing someone with the full breasts done. I think you need to be pretty brave to go for the "full Monty" so to speak but if it is what you want, go for it!

Love them or hate them, women are choosing to have the same choices that men do with tattoos and that includes chest tattoos and as you can see the choices are pretty much limitless except by your comfort level.

As always, work closely with your tattoo artist to get the best tattoo for you no matter where it is placed.

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