Friday, November 7, 2008

Hand Tattoos

Tattoos on the hands have been relagated to hardcore tattoo enthusiests prior to the last few years and then it was mostly seen on men. Now more people with tattoos are getting inked on their hands though it is still not the first spot that people usually pick.

Unlike other areas of your body, your hands will be in plain sight and most employers will definitely frown on this type of tattoo. There are brands of cover-up makeup that can be used if you really want a tattoo on your hand but can't for work purposes but you really need to decide if having this public of a tattoo is really for you.

I just recently got brave enough to put a tattoo on my inside wrist area since it is very public. I like some of the styles I've seen on women, but I don't know if I will ever be that adventurous.

lotus flower on

webbing tattoo on

Hand tattoo on

I rather like this one and if I were to tattoo on my hands, this type of style would be more to my tastes. Reminds me of some of the henna tattoos that Indians do for weddings and such.

Tattoo #63187 on

hand on

Also some couples are choosing to go for tattooed wedding bands. Less expensive and you can't lose them. I don't like to wear rings myself. I think they are pretty but uncomfortable so I think the tattooed bands are pretty cool.

Wedding rings on

wedding ring on

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