Thursday, December 18, 2008

Asian Themed Tattoos

Tattoo by James Vaughn - Straight A Tattoo

Asian styled tattoos are very popular with both men and women and can range from things as simple as Chinese or Japanese lettering, floral, Koi fish to more detailed figures. If you are going to get Chinese or Japanese lettering, be sure you know what the symbols truly mean and the correct directional placement prior to inking so you don't find yourself being laughed at by someone that understands the language. While the symbols look cool, you could have complete gibberish inked on you if you are not careful.

Dragons, fish, warriors, Geisha, masks are all popular items for ink that work well on men or women but tend to require more "space" to look good so be sure that you are committed to having tattoos that can be large. You see a lot of Asian themes for full sleeves and back pieces because of this.

Kanji~dad on

CherryBlossomBeautyVine on

Cherry Blossom II on

Tattoo #120225 on

Phoenix on

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my wife's new tattoo (done by on

Asian themed tattoos when done well, can be very attractive and have a real WOW factor. Choose your favorite style carefully and work closely with your tattoo artist to ensure you get the best Asian themed tattoo for your money. This style will have a lot of time, body space and money tied up in it, so get the best possible tattoo you can.

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