Sunday, December 28, 2008

My New Tattoo!

Both Hubby and I got our tattoos done and let me tell you it was an experience doing it together. We got to the shop at 3pm and didn’t leave until about 2am. That was a long time at one place but the owners were fabulous and very nice people.

Cindy runs the front of the business and she once tattooed but can’t any more due to physical problems with her hand. She is a licensed piercer so she does that part of the business as well. Dean or “D” is her husband and he is the tattoo artist that worked on us and has over 20yrs experience.

Hubby went first since his tat was not going to take as long as mine to do. D could have used some standard “flash” (pre-done art) for his but he didn’t, he drew it up himself which was great. Here is Hubby and D while the work was being done.

Now while this was happening, I was out in the lobby area and Cindy put on a movie and provided sodas, just making my waiting much more pleasant which was great. She did the same for Hubby while he waited on me.

Now a word about work ethics, these folks have them. I saw a guy come in wanting an eyebrow piercing and Cindy sent him on his way after she had started to do the piercing because he was a horrible candidate for it. I guess the eyebrow is very easily infected and takes about 2 months to heal. He had no place except the middle of the brow that could be done because he has a lot of veins and no fat to pierce. Lots of places would have done it and sent him on his way. Not Cindy. She told him why she wouldn’t do it and refunded his money. Now that’s classy.

Hubby got done and they took a quick dinner break and then started on me. Now what we had originally thought was going to be about 3-4 hours actually took about 6 hours to get completely done. If I ever do a large piece done again, I might consider doing it in two stages instead of all in one. It was a bit rough on me the last 1/2 hour or so and I know that D was as happy as I was when it was done but we both hung in there and got it done.

Here are the pictures of the work in progress and when we would stop for a quick break.

Here is piece at first break

This is at the second break

These are the finished pieces about 12hrs later and notice not much swelling or scabbing is happening.

Our son, Josh is into Shelby (cobra) Mustangs and this piece was for him an Dad

We are both healing nicely with practically no scabbing or pain so thank you very much to “Doctor D” and the great job he did. If you want a custom piece at a reasonable rate then I highly recommend this place. We both really love our new tattoos and can’t wait to see how they look after the healing process is done.


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