Monday, December 21, 2009

Pregnancy and Abdominal Tattoos

We have all seen women in their late teens, early twenty’s with cute or stunning ink on their hips, thighs or abdomen. But what happens to these tattoos after a pregnancy? Did they think about that prior to getting inked?
Here is an example of a really good piece that took time, thought and probably, quite a bit of money. I would hate to see it with stretch marks running through it. We never know until we have been pregnant whether or not we are prone to scarring.

*Murder of Crows* ~ Design and Ink by Garth Staunton @ Wildfire Tattoos, Cape Town

Very interesting tattoo and great work. I hope she doesn’t regret this decision later, not because it is bad, it isn’t, but the placement might be. This probably could have been done on her back and look just as good.
The flip side is if you have had a baby by C-section and want to cover the scar when you are through having babies then it can be very lovely as well and make the wearer feel more sexy than with just the scar. I know, I had two C-sections and another surgery all through the same incision and this would have been great when I was younger. Not worth the money to do it now since I’m very over the hill :)

<belly scar cover on

Now this chick is obviously an athlete and I don’t think that she will have any problems with her belly button tat but then again, ya’ never know for sure until afterwards.

I don’t mean to be rude so,  please – do not take this wrong. Yes, she is athletic but are the guns going to be pointing at someone when/if  she gets pregnant? I have never quite gotten why men want this tattoo and I really don’t understand it on a woman but as I say, whatever floats your boat. I really would love to see a picture of a woman with this tat when they are pregnant. Would be interesting especially after the baby was born.

Similar in style just sparrows instead of guns but still, how well will this do with stretch marks?

All I am trying to point out is if you are under 35 then you might want to think twice about placing your ink in this area. Even the hips can get stretch marks so really give this serious thought before getting it done. You also need to be prepared to do a lot of preventive maintenance when you are pregnant to help in trying to minimize any scarring on the tattooed area.
I think all of these tattoos are well done and if this is a placement you want then by all means, go for it because it is after all, your body and your ink so get what you like.
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Mommies Time Out today said...

I got a tatto when I was 25. Thank goodnees i thought long anf hard about where to get it. Pregnancy was one of the things that crossed my mind. It's a butterfly very low on my back. It almost on my butt. I can also wear bathing suits and you can't see it.

Mommyof2girlz said...

Those are beautiful tattoos (except the guns..just not my taste), but I never thought about pregnancy. Although where all mine are it didn't matter. I love the C-Section cover up!

Delaney said...

I think a lot of young women get tattoos in the abdominal area without even thinking about pregnancy especially since tattoos are so common now and that is a lot of unused real estate waiting to be developed. :)

sarah said...

I got a stretch mark on my hip tattoo during pregancy, right throught the middle of it! I didn't think about pregnany as I was only 17 when I got it done. I later got it touched up and it looks ok now but not as good as the original!

A Girl Named Gear said...

I am pregnant and have my entire belly tattooed. I am 28 and have had the tattoo for 10 years. I do not regret the tattoo at all nor do I regret getting pregnant. Why would I care if it stretches? I don't view it as a negative thing. Your body changes with or without pregnancy. Age alone will change you, and tattoos, being that they are permanent, will change as well.
The way I see it, if I end up with stretch marks all through out my tattoos, good on me. Those will be nice badges reminding me of the work I did to carry my son/daughter. :)

Anonymous said...

I got my first tattoo at sixteen, and now nearing my 22nd birthday I have 4, 3 being quite big. All of which I got in areas of my body that will change the least. (Shoulder, mid back, ankle and wrist) and with pregnancy and a little over 100lbs gained since age 16 none of mine have been affected. I knew I wanted to settle down and have children so I made sure to really think my placements through.

RUSHI said...

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