Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To Flash or Not to Flash, That is the Question

When deciding to get a tattoo whether or not it is your first tattoo, you need to take Flash into consideration. Now if you are a newbie to tattoos, Flash is the artwork that you see on the walls of tattoo shops or that you can purchase online at sites like Tattoo Johnny. Flash is good and Flash is bad so choose it wisely if you use it.

Basically, you will get the exact (or almost exact) tattoo of your chosen Flash because they have corresponding line drawings for the tattoo artist to use as a stencil.

Example of standard Flash:

Now if you really want the exact Flash as a tattoo then by all means go for it. I like to use Flash, drawings and pictures of tattoos to get my idea of what I want and what I like/dislike about a certain style or type of tattoo. I think they are a great starting point.
My example is this style of “Old School” tattoos and how my tattoo artist and I came up with my newest tattoo which I love!

I found myself drawn toward the style of the woman in the lower right hand corner but wanted something similar yet more updated. This is what I got after working with my tattoo artist.

As always, what you want tattooed is your choice and can be original artwork, modified tattoos, Flash, whatever floats your boat because it is your body and you live with that decision for the rest of your life. I am only suggesting that you take the basics for your design to your tattoo artist and let them come up with a refined drawing since sketches don’t necessarily have clean lines.
Other Flash:

I am thinking of using the last one as a basis for my next tattoo which is to celebrate the birth of my first grand child. But any of the four hearts pictured are not necessarily perfect as is for a tattoo. I know that Nolan, my tattoo artist, and I can come up with something cool and exactly what I have in mind.

I always advocate anyone thinking of getting tattooed to work very closely with a good tattoo artist so you can get something you will love and be proud to show off.
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