Monday, July 21, 2008

Feminine Fairy Tattoos

Fairy tattoos are extremely popular, so much so that a lot of the male tattoo artists are sick of doing them since they are not the most artist style that tattooist get to do whenever they do most mens tattoos. However, Fairy tattoos are very feminine and are less objectionable for some women to chose for their ink.

As you can see from this Fairy, you can get ones with detail and beautiful colors. Just be aware that some individuals have problems with blue or red inks so if you have allergies and have not had a color tattoo before, talk to your tattoo artist before getting one this size with either red or blue ink to see if you should do a test patch first. They can do a spot of the color(s) and check it in two weeks to see if you have a reaction to either color.

Amy Brown is an artist that does Fairy art and is a popular inspiration for most Fairy tattoos. She draws a wide variety of styles of Fairy or Fantasy art.

Personally, I love Fantasy art (as you can tell from logo) and haven't gotten my Fairy tattoo yet, as there are so many styles to chose from that I haven't made up my mind yet of which style let alone image I want to use for my tattoo artist to interpret for me. There are just so many to pick from and I will showcase some of my favorites here in this post.

As you can see it doesn't matter if you choose to either have your Fairy tattoo done in black ink or color, the outcome can be very beautiful and feminine which is why they are so popular.

Send me your Fairy photo so I can post them here and spread the love of Fairy tattoos!