Sunday, July 27, 2008

Side Tattoos

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Side tattoos are becoming very popular with both men and women. This is a very touchy area of the body to have a large tattoo done as it is on the ribs and areas with more bone than muscle, tend to hurt more when tattooed. However, the results can be worth the discomfort if you can handle it.

Floral designs are very popular since this is a very feminine detail though some women prefer more stylized designs.

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Stars are another design that women tend to chose and can be done as a larger tattoo with good results.

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Asian themes are also popular.

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Black work is also a choice that can be done in a tribal style or more "frilly" which both can be done well.

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Side tattoos can also be designed for both the back and side, tying both areas into a very beautiful tattoo. I usually would not put a tattoo on site that shows this much of the person's buttocks but this is a very pretty tattoo showing how well this type can be done. I am assuming that most of the readers of this blog are adults and tattoo wearers so should not be offended. If you are, sorry but it is just a woman's behind. :-)

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Side tattoos, as seen in these photos, can be as varied as the women that chose to have them. As I have stated before, take your time, talk to your tattoo artist and come up with an idea that fits your personality, likes and most importantly, fits your body.

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