Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Urban Primative Tattoos


Daemon Rowanchilde has a private studio in Canada where he takes clients by appointment only. He is a fantastic artist who has a very unique style of tattooing. He has won many local and international awards for his work and has also done work in the movie industry on
X-Men 2, Bulletproof Monk, Tuxedo, In Too Deep, and Boondock Saints.

His pricing is steep, $300/hr with a $400 minimum. If your tattoo takes more than five hours then his hourly drops to $250/hr but I believe that he is more than worth it. If I could afford it I would definitely get a tattoo from this man, but I don't live in Canada and just can't spend that much for a tattoo.

If you can afford it and want a custom designed tattoo, especially something large such as a back piece or most of your arm or leg, then I would highly suggest him. He has wonderful designs as you can see from the following photos.

I believe that you can get your money's worth by getting a tattoo from Urban Primative. Check out their website by clicking on the tittle of this post for more photos of his marvelous work.

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