Monday, February 16, 2009

Pinup Girl Tattoos Not Just for Men

Pinup Girl tattoos were once a men only territory but women today aren't about to let anyone dictate what type or style of tattoo that they can choose. Old school style pinup girls are fast becoming popular with younger women

Styles are not limited to old school pinups, we are talking about even portrait style like the Marilyn Monroe tattoo.

Pinups can be very artistic, pretty or very um shall we say "trashy" depending on the style and the artist. Most women seem to lean toward the more artistic and pretty thankfully.

Main point is if you like a pinup girl or old school style woman portrait tattoos then go for it. They are pretty, stylish and if you like it you should get what you want. Just be sure as usual to get the best tattoo artist that can do these style of tattoos and don't try and skimp on the cost. This style of tattoo is not going to be cheap but you want a really great one.

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