Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Arm Tattoos

More women today are getting their arms tattooed. This can be just a simple tattoo on their arm or full sleeves. The time when women tattooing such visable areas would be totally frowned upon is fading away. Not everyone accepts that women with ink want the same freedoms that men have had for at least 100 years. Not everyone likes the fact that women are quickly becoming as tattooed as their male counterparts. For those of us with ink though this is a major breakthrough in being accepted by people and not immediately judged badly because we choose to be inked.

Like all people - male or female - that have ink, not all ink appeals to all people. I have seen sleeves on both men and women that I thought were really cool and others that I wondered where they came up with the ideas behind them and they weren't tattoos that I would choose. But you know what? That's what is so essential to the tattoo community, the freedom to ink as you choose and the heck with anyone that doesn't care for your ink. Tattoos are extremely personal and extensions of ourselves and what we think or like and therefore, are as individual as the people choosing to be inked.

It is okay to not like someone's ink. It is okay to think that someone's ink is the worst decision that they ever made in their lives. Simply because, in the grand scheme of things, whether you like a person's ink doesn't really matter. As long as they like/love it, that is all that really matters.

Here are some examples of women with simple arm tattoos and women with sleeves. Personally, I admire the women with sleeves because they are showing that they are not afraid to be who they are and are not afraid of the way society will judge them. I wish I had that much courage to do what I want in all aspects of my life. Makes my simple wrist tattoo seem puny to me.

<Done in Wyomming by Outcast on CheckOutMyInk.com

<Tattoo #44180 on CheckOutMyInk.com

<Maureen M on CheckOutMyInk.com

<Amie D on CheckOutMyInk.com



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Sharon said...

Wow! I'm super stoked to have found your blog! (Via MBC) I'm definitely following now! I've got a 3/4 sleeve myself and would LOVE another. It's been interesting having it - the questions, the stares, etc. Some people are accepting, and others, well....think I worship the devil. ;) I would get another in a heartbeat!

Sharon said...

Hey! Your blog is so very different from all the other blogs I follow...(mostly crafting/mommy type blogs) but I love it. I've got an award waiting for you...come by and pick it up! Can't wait to see what you write about next! :)

Delaney said...


Thank you so much. I get a lot of traffic to this blog but not many people leave a comment so I appreciate hearing from you and that you like my little tattoo blog. I love tattoos and think that anyone, male or female that wants to ink, should, and not worry about everyone else. Women need to be accorded the freedom that males have had to ink. Those of us women that choose to ink help break down the barriers so I like to encourage people, especially women to enjoy tats and the wonderful art that is available. Thanks for being a lovely woman with ink. :0)

jill said...

This is awesome! Yay for women supporting women inking! It's about time that we show that highly educated and professional women who are stand up citizens, active in the community, are moms and wives sometimes want to walk on the "wild side" and not conform to EVERY social morray laid upon us! I have 2 small tatts and I am working towards getting a half sleeve. I am professional and a mom of 2 beautiful girls and believe that it is a person's own decision to wear the art that they love, so long as you put thought and commitment behind your decision. I am tired of worrying about what everyone else will think of me if they see my new tatt and am throwing down the gauntlet. My 35th birthday present to myself is an inner freedom to be myself unappologetically, and to let my outter self shine. Too bad for those that give us the looks - at least when we're 80, we'll be able to say we lived our lives exactly as we saw fit and didn't miss out on a THING just because some stranger wouldn't approve!
Keep the blog up! I am SO hooked! :)

Anonymous said...


when people ask me how I will like my tattoos when I'm 80 and tell me I'll regret them...I say, "If my biggest problem when I'm 80 is disliking a couple of tattoos...then I guess I've really got nothing to complain about, right?" :)
~ Jill

Delaney said...

I appreciate all the kind comments that you have left and that you love this blog as it is a labor of love for me to do! I love tattoos (good ones :)) and love to show that women with ink are just like everyone else. We don't have 2 heads or anything like that. We are just more colorful in more ways then one :)

I now have 3 more tattoos since this post. 1 large one on each shoulder on back and 1 on my rt forearm. Still looking at more!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I'm getting my first arm tattoo soon and it's great to know there are other educated, spirited women out there who aren't afraid to be bold.

Anonymous said...

I recently came across this blog! It made me feel so much better about my desicion as a woman to ink! I have a large tatoo on my forarm. I love my tattoo, and was so happy with the final product. After, I showed friends and family and was shocked at some of thier responces. "Thatss so tacky" "You'll never get a decent job again" "you'r gonna hate it when you'r 80" my tattoo has personal meaning, its a comemorative tattoo for my deseaced father. After hearing what some people said I cried and seriously, started regretting my desicion to ink. I started covering it up, wering long sleeves in the summer exc. After a while I realized, why? Why am I hiding somthing I love so much? You'r blog is so true and wonderful! We as woman have the right to ink and be accepeted for who we are ink or no ink! Conforming to a social standered of what society says is beautiful and what isn't is in the past! Now is the time for womans equallity tword everything including ink. I am proud of my ink! And so should everyone with ink!

Anonymous said...

My georgeous fiance got her forearm tatood during an emotional time. Angel wings for lost loved ones. I tell her to tell a piece of her story if shes ever feeling judged...tell even if they dont ask (of course if theyre looking while u talk please do tell)

Anonymous said...

Found your site through google and I had a question. I've been wanting a tattoo on my left forearm. When told that only "dykes" do that, I felt disheartened. Sorry for the wordage, didn't know another way around it. But I've wanted it there for the simple reason that I wanted to be able to SEE it. And I don't want people to judge me for having it there. What are your thoughts on it?

tattooedchick0114 said...

^ I don't think a left forearm tatt is 4 "dykes" it's for whoever wants 2 express themselves through tattoos. I think tattoos should be seen, tattoos are a form of art, expression & most are very special & symbolic. I just got my 1st arm tatt Saturday, I have many tatts on my legs & back. I got a butterfly 2 represent my daddy that passed in January. I also got my daughters name right under the bend of my arm on my left forearm & my hubbys in the same place on my right arm. anyhow DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY & IF PPL REALLY LOVE YOU THEY WILL ACCEPT YOU TATTOOED OR NOTT!!!! my bff told me I shouldn't have got em on my arms that way if I needed 2 I could cover em up, why would any1 want 2 cover up their expression of an art form :) I <3 tatts on women its bold & brave. ROCK ON TATTOOED CHICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy Robertson said...

im mother of 5 and im 35 years old just got my very frist tatoo 7 days ago on my left hand /wrist its soo amazing I love showing it off its a green and white Lillie with vines around it .. Don't hide what u love so much be proud if it its what u think is all that matters . Hugs to all women who love there ink ..