Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do Tattoos Really Hurt?

One of the most asked questions about tattoos to anyone that has one is "didn't that hurt?" or they say "I could never get one it looks like it would hurt too much." So I thought I would cover this issue since I have three tattoos one of which is very large and took six hours to do.

Do tattoos hurt?

Depends on your definition of pain and your pain tolerence. I personally hate needles as in getting an injection which is different than getting a tattoo. To me it just feels like being snapped with a rubber band which is annoying more than painful. Though this is not to say that at times a tattoo can hurt a bit especially after a long session or if done on an area with mostly bone. Also, after about five minutes you will be used to the sensation and it won't be as distracting unless they hit a touchy spot.

People that have said that the wrist was painful had touchy wrists as mine didn't bother me when I got it on my wrist. So if someone says that a certain spot is touchy just means it was for them and it won't necessarily mean it will bother you. Everyone is different and each tattoo experience will be different for everyone.

Some tattoo artists are more gentle than others but you should choose them based on their artistic ability not if they are gentle or not.

I wouldn't suggest getting a tattoo if you holler at any little paper cut or boo-boo since you probably won't care for the process. Just remember that the end result is worth the tattooing and healing process as you can see by these great tattoos.

<Tattoo #181075 on

<Tattoo #181066 on

<3rd tattoo on

<2nd Tattoo on

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Mel said...

There is definitely a scale for places that USUALLY hurt more than others but pain is still relative. My 10 for worst pain ever is different from someone else's.

I have to disagree about not paying attention to someone who is gentle or not though. You should still have a pleasant experience and a heavy handed tattoo artist can make that a horrible experience as well as affect the healing of a tattoo if it's done too deeply. So having a light handed tattoo artist is part of the equation for picking someone that's right for YOU.

-Mel (owner of several tattoos including a cover up)

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Delaney said...

@ Mel

I have had a tattoo artist that was completely gentle (my wrist/ankle) and one that is a bit heavy handed (my rt shoulder large tat) but he is a great artist. Would I have preferred that he was more gentle - sure - but the design was worth the minimal extra discomfort it just depends on the individual getting the tattoo and what you are willing to endure for a great tattoo.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL always the first question I get when people see them. Now if I'm with my dad he would have some rude comment about they need to hurt more so I wouldn't have gotten them ... LOL

Love them all very beautiful!

Kevin said...

Well, it's a tattoo, it's supposed to hurt somewhat. Part of the satisfaction, for me anyway, is knowing that I dealt with the pain and have not yet had "part" of a tattoo. When people ask if it hurt, I say of course it hurt. They use needles to apply them. It does however depend a lot on the person getting it. I've had areas that I had to draw from deep down inside me to keep going.