Friday, June 5, 2009

Fantasy Ink Part 1

Fantasy tattoos are among some of the most interesting tattoos that you can get. When done well they are true works of art and can be stunning.

Fantasy tattoos can be anything from mythical beings and animals to things as simple as fairies and cartoon icons. They can be flowery, geometric, abstract - you name it.

Here are some Fantasy tattoos that I found interesting and well done.

This is one I hope to see when it is finished as just the outlining is great!

<1st session! peacock on

<Aldo's Back on

<Tattoo #181542 on

<My little Pony on

I love fairies and I think this one is very well done and something I would get :0)


<Exclusive Flowers design on

<custom butterfly on

This is just a small sampling of some of the interesting Fantasy tattoos that are out there and I will show more of these great tattoos in another post.

I hope that these may inspire you to get a great tattoo!

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aprilsdrms said...

I just found your blog tonight and I have been reading for hours. I have one small tato of a starfish on my left hip, however I have been planning a rather large piece for my entire left thigh. I want it donein full color realistic florals. I have a list of the flowers thatI want. What I need is an artist in southern California, LA to San Diego that can do the work the way I want. I found an artist through another website that does the type of art that I am looking for, however she is in Detroit and I'm in San Diego and I just dont think flying out there is posible. I dont mind spending a little money for the quality that I want. I would really appreciate any advise or recomendations thatyou might have. Thanks.

Delaney said...


The cool thing about Google is when you type in "tattoo shops in San Diego" they give you Google maps with the location of the shops, the websites and the reviews the shops have. Check it out and narrow down your choices then actually go to the shops, talk to the artists about your design and go with the shop/artist that you feel the best about and are most comfortable with. You want this to be a good experience and have a tat that you will love and be proud to show off.
Good luck!

blueviolet said...

Hi! Stopping by to follow you from MBC followers club. I'm back online but with a new url.

Those designs truly are artistic. I think sometimes people don't appreciate the talent that goes into making a tattoo.