Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Literary Based Tattoos

Literary based tattoos are becoming very popular particularly with women. Words from novels, poems and song lyrics that speak to the tattoo owner are usually very representative of feelings, desires, hopes and/or beliefs

This type of tattoo can pretty much go anywhere on your body since the lettering can be adjusted to the area. You usually get to choose the font style so remember to choose wisely and get one that can be read easily or you defeat the purpose of this style of tattoo.

Literary tattoos can stand alone or have a more stylish flair. the choice is totally up to you so think about your design and work closely with you tattoo artist to get the best design for you and your


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croneandbearit said...

I so want to do something like, "If you can read this, you're too close" or "objects in mirror appear larger than they are", or simply, "bite me" but I just don't have the nerve and so many people wouldn't understand it's just my sense of humor. Plus there's that thing I have about needles you know...

Lori said...

Very funny Croneandbearit! I love literary tattoos. So much more classy than all the tattoos with the Chinese or Japanese characters. If you can read it you are much less likely to end up with something silly, although you do have to watch out for your spelling. I have terrible spelling. :(

shellgirl said...

omg, I LOVE " "If you can read this, you're too close". Do it!

My location decision problem is I want t be able to SEE my tattoo. Why get it on your back? It's not for other people, its for me.