Friday, September 4, 2009

Asian/Chinese Themed Tattoos

I am a big fan of a lot of the Asian/Chinese style of tattoos and for those that know me through this blog or my main blog Delaney’s World, are aware of my Geisha tattoo on my shoulder/back.

Now if I could have afforded it at the time, I probably would have gone for something more like this one which I think is really cool!

<Éva on

Now I'm not a big fan of the Oriental writing or symbols but only because since I don't speak or read any of these languages I would be very worried about what I have permanently written on my skin. According to what I've read, it isn't uncommon to have the wrong symbols done or have them done incorrectly. This is not something I would personally take a chance on but if it is your thing then go for it but I would suggest double or triple checking it before you ink.

Cherry Blossoms or Cherry Trees are also a personal favorite of mine and there are so many variations on them that you can surely find something you love. This is another example of a large piece that is very well done.

<Cherry tree on

As I have stated before, don't let the size of the tattoo throw you! Some things are much prettier if done in a larger scale though Cherry Blossoms do work in a smaller scale as well.

Koi fish are also very popular and reoccurring themes in Oriental tattoos.

<Koi on

<Tattoo #166243 on

Lotus Blossoms are also very popular.

<lotus on

<lOtus.flower on

As you can see, there are many styles that go with an Asian/Chinese/Oriental theme which can be done in various ways and sizes to suit the wearer.

You should always research the specific style or theme of tattoo you are interested in getting prior to going to the tattoo shop so you can show your artist what you like or don’t care for prior to being inked. This way your tattoo artist will be more able to give you the design you truly want and never, ever settle on a tattoo design you don’t love or you will probably regret it later.

No one wants to regret their ink so plan and think before you ink.


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Prisqua said...

The Second Tattoo pic is simply amazing, love it!