Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What to Consider Before Getting Your First Tattoo


Making the decision to get your first tattoo is a big one because this is not something you can change your mind about once it’s done. Oh, you can do a cover up tattoo but it will be larger than the original one and if you try and laser it off you can have mixed results (just look at Angelina Jolie’s arm) since most of the ink might be removed but you can still tell something was there.


You can see the “ghost” of the old tattoo underneath the new ones.

This is not a decision to make lightly but once you do decide to get ink you then need to make your next big decision – what to get.

This is even more important than whether to get ink or not as what you choose better be something you are going to like many years down the road or you will regret it.

Don’t get something “cutesy” or on a whim because that will lead to buyer’s remorse very quickly. When you get a Kermit the Frog tat when you are eighteen it’s kinda cute but how cute will that be when you are forty?

Size and location are also important decisions. Something too large isn’t good unless the style of tattoo requires it. Location is crucial if you need to be able to cover up the tattoo for work.


This one works since the style is better in a larger scale and it is located where it can be covered up easily or shown off.

Getting ink on your face or hands is really not a good idea and a lot of tattoo artists won’t do them. Both of the artists that did my back tattoos will not do them. Necks are sort of borderline since they usually can’t be covered up. While this isn’t a bad tattoo I would have really thought about the location:


I can’t tell you that getting a tattoo won’t hurt or that it will as everyone is different and tolerates discomfort differently. I can speak of my personal experience that getting my ankle, inside wrist area and inside forearm did not really bother me or “hurt” though I knew I was being tattooed. My back, well that’s a whole different enchilada. Up by my shoulders – not so bad, lower on my back – whoa momma! You really aren’t going to know until you get the tat though boney areas will tend to be more painful for most people.

Bottom line is if you really want a tattoo make sure you think about everything from how it may effect your life to really researching the style and subject matter that you will base your ink on and if it will be something you will always want.


Tattoos that are well done are great but bad decisions lead to bad tattoos and no body likes that.

Here is one that while the art is cool I have to wonder how she will feel about this one later on in life.


Just think about what you want, where you are going to place it and who is going to do it because good ink comes from good tattoo artists and great ideas.

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Mind Of Mindi said...

I'm still trying to figure out what to get! This is my first tattoo. i want it on my foot-and I want something to represent my 3 kids. Hum? My mom (who just turned 53) got her second tattoo a few months ago!!

Delaney said...

There seems to be more of us old broads getting tattooed which I guess is pretty cool. At least it proves we can change with the times.

Find a tattoo artist near you and look at some of their work and discuss ideas. You're sure to find something.

Hear Mum Roar said...

I love my two tattoos and can't wait to get some more.

I totally agree with you about the last tattoo picture. It is amazing artwork and brilliantly done, so impressive. But I really would never want something like THAT on my body! It would be really unattractive.

Sarah said...

I've just finished designing my second tattoo which will go up the outside of my right calf (easy to cover up for work). My tattoo artist is very ethical and refuses to tattoo faces and hands.

He had a lot of young girls go into his shop asking for the Cheryl Cole hand tattoo but he refuses to do it.

Mommy Is Green said...

I never thought I would get a tattoo but at 25 I decided I wanted one. I had something that was meaningful to me done in an area I don't usually see. In fact, I forget it's even there, lol! I love my little tattoo. It worked out great for me since I waited and thought about what I wanted. -Victoria from MBC Follow Me Club