Saturday, January 24, 2009

Portrait Tattoos

Sorry that I haven't posted anything new in awhile, I just haven't seen a lot of pics that I wanted to share and I didn't want to do something half heartedly.

Portrait tattoos are very tricky. You have to make sure that the tattoo artist you choose to do your tattoo can actually do portraits. If they do not have some samples of their portrait work, walk away. Bad tattoos aren't something you want but you really don't want a bad portrait tattoo especially if it is a pretty good sized tattoo because it would be nearly impossible to cover up or fix.

Portrait tattoos are a good way to memorialize someone you love and may have lost but be prepared to pay more for this type of tattoo. The artist has to draw it up from the pictures you bring with you so make sure you use good ones.

The first one is not completely finished but I wanted to show how the details matter. The most striking feature to me is her eyes. Fantastic work.

mi hada hechizera on

This one shows that you can have a stunning tattoo and it only be a specific feature. This is this lady's daughter's eyes.

Eyes on

butterfly on lips on

Portrait of my Grandmother on

Back piece on my wife on

As you can see by these photos, portrait tattoos can be done in either black/gray inks or in color and look amazing either way. You have to decide which way you want it and if the tattoo artist is comfortable in that medium.

Portrait tattoos can be awesome when done by a talented tattoo artist.

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