Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Religious Tattoos

People of varying faiths, religions have been getting tattoos for ages. To me, getting a tattoo of a religious symbol shouldn't be a fashion statement but a statement of the depth of your belief since you are wearing this tattoo for life and it does represent icons of faith. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with someone having religious tattoos, there are great ones out there. I just personally feel that these type of tattoos shouldn't be done on a whim and I'm not even an overly religious person.

Now here I will back track a bit. Tattooed crosses can be very interesting and intricate but not all crosses necessarily represent specific religion. Christians do not have the cross symbol trademarked so to speak not unless you add specific icons such as Christ in Crucifixion, etc. Otherwise it can just be a decorative cross. I'm speaking more of tattoos of Jesus, saints, Buddhas, things like that. I think you should have some belief backing these style of tattoos.

As always, tattoos are very personal and your reason for getting one is up to you regardless of the reasons behind getting one so I'm definitely not saying "don't get a religious tat unless you are a true believer" I just think this style of tattoo should have some respect attached to it.

Here are some religious tattoos that I think are very well done starting with rosary tattoos which seem to be very popular.

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