Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Old School Gypsy Tattoos

One of the most common comments I hear and see on this blog is “I would never know what to get.” Well, my answer to this is you get what means something personal to you or something that draws you on a gut level. What draws your attention most often? What style or subject matter to you find yourself most interested in time and again?

I have to admit to a new fascination with Old School Gypsy tattoos. I like the details of this style of tattoo though I do tend to like the more realistic styling's to the “Day of the Dead” styling. While I find that style interesting, it just doesn’t appeal to me as much.


This is a “classic” old school style interpretation and is the type I prefer.

This is the other interpretation of the old school gypsy girls which can be very cool if done well but just not the style I prefer.


Done by Paul Mann @ Jetty Rd Tattoo

Now this is a great, though unfinished, combo of the "Day of the Dead" and the Gypsy tattoo together. I prefer this combination over the "meshed" style but hey, that's me. Everyone sees things differently and prefer different things so which ever draws you in is your style.

There are so many great gypsy tattoo styles out there so if you are interested in this style, do your research and make sure your tattoo artist can do this type of tattoo well since you will have a bit of money invested for this tattoo. Great ones have lots of details which takes time and skill which will cost more to get.

So many to choose from, so little skin to ink :0)



Real “Old School” by Sailor Jerry


Gypsy Tattoo shirt from


400_girl kevin poon scorpion studios

by Gabriel Massey

By Gabriel Massey and one I would totally get :0)

Gypsy Girl tattoos can be very beautiful and something you can be proud to show off when done well so work very closely with your tattoo artist and do your research before going to the shop so you get the best tattoo you can. You won’t regret the time spent when you see your great tattoo.


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Mommyof2girlz said...

Love the old school style. I posted a "Tattoo" Wordless Weds, stop by and tell me what you think ;)

Sandy said...

Fascinating! Your blog is so interesting. I've always admired tattoos but never thought about the art 'behind' them.

Delaney said...


I visited your blog and left a comment - love the tat!


I think a lot of people that don't like tattoos has never really seen the great works of art that are out there. I think they only remember the bad tattoos and less artistic works. Tattoos can be very lovely or very horrible it just depends on the person getting the tat and the artist working together to make something great.


Becca said...

I LOVE those classic, old school gypsy tattoos. The older, the better for me. I've never seen them before. The one with the gypsy and the skulls on each side of her...the combo one.....that one looks cool too. I'd like to see that one when its finished with color.

AC Service Bell Gardens, CA said...

These are really cool!

<3 Lindsay

Anonymous said...

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Tattoo Designs said...

This blog was absolutely fantastic. Lots of great information and inspiration both of which we all need.

Cecilia Tyson said...

What a wonderful blog! I especially love the woman's picture that doesn't have much color that has the bird. It is quite beautiful. I was thinking of going to tattoo school to learn to do stuff like this. Thanks for posting! Very cool!